"If you do some research, you will find that most companies will charge you about the same price for the tiles, supplies, and firing, but won't install it. (You can easily spend 1/2 more having an outside contractor install the tiles.) I am the organizer, artist, and the contractor -all in one. This fact allows me to have very reasonable prices. I am dedicated to quality workmanship and successful, beautiful murals."-ck

I price all murals on a flat, per tile charge.

Each mural project includes the tile (either 4.25 x 4.25" or 6 x 6", and now 8x8 & 12x12) , Enough glazes to complete the mural (10 different colors), clear glazing and firing in an electric kiln, a 1 hour In-Service Training for those adults and volunteers who will be helping out with the project, Tile Design Templates, Carbon Transfer Paper, containers for water and glaze, Painting Directions Handout, and a complete installation on an indoor or outdoor wall. I install all murals according to proper building codes for ceramic tile, which may include a tile backerboard (if necessary), border tile around the mural, thinset mortar, and grouting to seal the mural from the elements.

Please Note:

I do not have any employees, besides myself. I do my best to complete every mural in a timely manner, but please keep this in mind..a little flexibility is much appreciated.

Typical Installations take approx. 2 days.

I travel everywhere in CA as well as Southern Oregon to complete murals.

Due to my busy schedule I will not be present at the time the tiles are painted (this is why I have the In-Service Training)

I now loan a supply of brushes free of charge (as long as they are returned)

There is a 200 tile minimum for my services.

I do have General Liability Insurance which I can provide upon request.

Finally, I am proud to say I can give you a reference from every place I've completed a mural. Don't hesitate to ask me for any numbers, or call the school directly and ask how their experience was.

I look forward to helping you create a mural full of color and life!

2019-20 Prices
4.25 x 4.25" White Bisque(unglazed) Ceramic Wall Tile $11.75 per tile
6 x 6" White Bisque(unglazed) Ceramic Wall Tile $13.75 per tile
8x8 & 12x12 Tiles These sizes require a longer kiln firing time to prevent breakage. I will quote prices on these on a project specific basis only.
Handpainted School Name $125min - 200+ (dependant on size and complexity)
Other Handpainted Imagery (mascot, logo, etc.) Send me a quality digital sample for an estimate. e-mail
See some pictures of completed murals HERE